Terms of service

Definition of terms

1.1 The Universe of English (referred to as The UoE) is a private distance learning provider for English and primarily offers courses and English classes world-wide via online communication technology.

1.2 We, Us and Our refers to The UoE.

1.3 Service(s) refer to any Class and related course material, apps and anything else used to give distance learning for the benefit of the Student.

1.4 User refers to a person who has agreed to the terms and conditions of Our Terms of Service by paying for a Service to be delivered by The UoE.

1.5 Student refers to a User who may or may not be the sponsor for any of Our Services but who is a representative of the User and who receives any of Our Services.

1.6 Terms of Service refers to everything and anything detailed in Our Terms of Service, which a User agrees to upon purchasing any of Our Services.

1.7 Terms refer to everything or anything set out in the Terms of Service and all applicable laws and regulations.

1.8 Teacher refers to a person giving English classes to Students.

1.9 Class(es) refer to an individual Class given by one of The UoE’s Teachers and held for the Student via online communication tools.

1.10 Subscription refers to an instance where a User has paid for a regular billable Service or who has made a one-off payment for any of Our Services.

1.11 Membership refers to a Subscription paid for on The UoE’s website and via its 3rd party payment handling providers and where a User is allocated a set number of hours of English tuition each week.

1.12 You refers to anyone who is subject to our Terms of Service.

1.13 Site refers to The UoE’s website and all its content

1.14 Platform refers to anything on The UoE’s Site

1.15 Staff refers to any Teacher, employee or worker of The UoE.

1.16 Package refers to the instance where a User has prepaid for a specific number of Classes as per the Terms of the Package

1.17 Plan refers to the particular method of which a User has prepaid for Services offered by The UoE, either a Membershsip or a Package.

2.1 Terms

2.2 By accessing the website at www.theuniverseofenglish.co.uk, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service, Terms, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. Failure to comply to these Terms or any disagreement with them will mean that to access some or all of the Services The UoE offers will be restricted, or prevented entirely.

3.1 Use License

3.2 Use of The Universe of English’s Site at www.theuniverseofenglish.co.uk or any other services offered are subject to this license. Under this license listed in our Terms you agree you will not:

3.3 Copy any of the content within the Site and redistribute for commercial use.
3.4 Remove any copyright, watermark, or proprietary symbols/markings from anywhere within the Site, emails, or any other digital or physical content offered by The Universe of English.
3.4 Replicate or imitate our Site and any of its content or services outlined in our Terms.
3.5 Appropriate use of this license (upon agreeing to these “Terms”) allows for:

3.6 Viewing this Site and its contents and using any of the services offered in a manner that adheres to terms outlined throughout this document.
3.7 Offering fair, accurate, and reasonable criticisms.
3.8 Referencing or sharing material/content where credit is appropriately given to its source.
3.9 Failure to follow this use license will immediately forfeit your right to access and use this site and any of the Services offered. The Universe of English reserves the right to revoke this license at any time for reason’s not listed above.

4.1 Accuracy Of Materials

4.2 None of the material or content offered on The Universe of English’s website is guaranteed to be accurate, free of errors, or up to date. The Universe of English does not make any guarantees to update or remove outdated content or material. In the event The Universe of English does update content or material, it can be done at any time without notice.

5.1 Modifications And Changes

5.2 The Universe of English reserves the right to modify the Terms, Terms of Service and its terms and conditions at any time without notice. Notification of updates will be offered in the footer in the form of a Change Log which will outline the changes made to these Terms.

6.1 Limitations Of Liability

6.2 Under no circumstance should The Universe of English or any The Universe of English’s affiliates be liable for any damages due to use or lack of access to The Universe of English related services, content, products. These damages include any capital losses, loss of data, or interruption of business. All products, content, or services are distributed or sold on an “as-is” basis. The Universe of English is not responsible for improper use of a product or service and has no obligation to correct any errors, damages, or improper use of said product or service.

6.3 Depending on your jurisdiction you may not be subject to these limitations. Please contact The Universe of English if you have questions regarding limitations of liability.

7.1 Approach of Services provided by The UoE

7.2 The UoE will provide the Services to the User in accordance with the terms and conditions under Our Terms of Service for the Membership or Package chosen by the User.

7.3 The Services will be provided by The UoE entirely remotely and online, by using 3rd party communication tools, course materials or apps.

7.4 Under Our Terms of Service, when a User prepays for a specific number of Services on The UoE’s platform, the Service chosen by the User is subject to all of Our Terms of Service and that Service’s respective Terms.

7.5 Before a User purchases any of Our Services, a User must sign up for a free trial Class. The purpose of the free Trial Class is to determine the Student’s level of English and recommend a suitable course. It also gives the opportunity for the Student to become familiar with how Our online Classes work and Our course materials. The User can reschedule the free Trial Class up to 30 minutes before the start time of the Class, and where they wish to cancel the free Trial class, they must give at least 24-hours notice to Our Administration. Where a User fails to provide said notice to Our Administration, the User has agreed to the time of the Trial Class, and if the User misses the class, the free Trial Class will be assumed to have been held. In the event of this scenario, The UoE may refuse to hold an additional Trial Class for the User. If on the scheduled day and time of the Trial Class the User has not made contact with their assigned Teacher within the first 10 minutes, the Teacher may stop waiting for the User, and the free Trial Class shall be assumed to have been held. The free Trial Class is not payable by the User, however, where a User has cancelled or missed their free Trial Class, The UoE reserves the right to refuse a second Trial Class for that User.

7.6 The assigned Teacher to a Student is decided by The UoE. The schedule of the Classes (date and time) is decided by the User and The UoE. Any Services purchased from The UoE’s Site will be added to the User’s personal user area within 2 working days of receipt of payment to The UoE. A User can access the schedule of their Classes in the ‘My Classes’ area of Our Platform.

7.7 Where a User requests The UoE to change their assigned Teacher, the User must provide the reasons for the request. The UoE reserves the right to refuse to change a Teacher for any of its Users.

7.8 A User’s schedule, number of classes and time interval for their purchased Classes is determined by which Service a User purchases from Us.

7.9 In order for a User to receive Services provided by The UoE, the User needs a personal computer and regular access to the internet and the User must meet Our Requirements listed in the Requirements section of Our Terms of Service. The User is entirely responsible for making sure their personal computer and internet connection meet Our specified Requirements. The UoE shall not be held responsible for the inability to provide the Services, due to lack of or inadequate technology, services and/or software which the User owns or receives and are completely independent of The UoE.

7.10 For Services to be offered by The UoE, the User agrees to allow access to the microphone and camera on his/her device.

7.11 The User agrees to the The UoE video recording the User’s Classes for the purpose of controlling the quality of the Services provided and for the purpose of working with any claims Users might make. Videos of Classes shall be stored for up to 5 years. The User agrees that a specific video recording may in some cases be submitted to the Teacher, The UoE, authorities and courts of The United Kingdom and subject to legal processing.

7.12 Any Services provided by The UoE are considered accepted by the User in full and without comment if The UoE receives no written claims from the User within 30 days of receiving any of Our Services.

8.1 Technical, software and computer hardware requirements

8.2 Minimum technical requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 8/8 Pro/8 Enterprise/10, Mac OS X 10.10, Android 7-7.1.2, iOS 10 (for tablets);
  • RAM: 1 GB or higher;
  • CPU: 1 GHz for Windows and at least a 1 GHz intel processor (Core 2 Duo) for MACs
  • A working and reliable video camera and microphone;
  • A stable and reliable internet connection with at least 12 Mbit/s;
  • The latest version of Skype installed on the Student’s computer or tablet with automatic updates enabled;
  • The latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox internet browser installed and automatic updates enabled.


8.3 Recommended technical requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.10 or higher; very latest version of Android or iOS system (for tablets).
  • RAM: 4 GB or higher;
  • CPU: 2.2 GHz for Windows; 2.2 GHz intel processor (quad core intel core i7) for MACs
  • A working and reliable video camera and microphone;
  • A stable and reliable internet connection with 30 Mbit/s or higher;
  • The latest version of Skype installed on your computer or tablet with automatic updates enabled;
  • The latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox internet browser installed and automatic updates enabled.


9.1 Notifications for Classes

9.2 Users receive an email notification from The UoE for things related to the scheduling of their classes. The UoE sends email notifications to the User for the assignment of Classes, approved Classes that have been rescheduled, cancelled Classes, and other related activities. The UoE does not guarantee the User will receive these notifications.

9.3 Where a Student misses a Class due to the non-receipt of an email notification, the User will not be able to claim this as a reason for a refund of any monetary value from Us or for receiving an additional Class at no extra cost to the User. The User is fully responsible for knowing the schedule of their upcoming classes.

9.4 If a Student wishes to cancel a scheduled Class, the User must inform their regular Teacher on Skype or by email and send an email to Our Administration no later than 24-hours before the start time of the Class. Classes cancelled and not rescheduled are subject to all of Our Terms in clause 16.1.

10.1 User Accounts

10.2 Any User accounts created as a part of The Universe of English’s Services are subject to Our Terms. In the event that a User breaches these Terms or any rules outlined on www.theuniverseofenglish.co.uk, The Universe of English has the full authority to remove a User from the Site and restrict access to some or all of the Services offered. The Universe of English will review misconduct of these terms and take action with or without notice to the User.

11.1 Payments

11.2 The Universe of English accepts payments in exchange for its Services or access to Content and or Services. Any payment charges for Services will result in no delivery if the charge fails. In the event that a user mistakenly purchases a Service they did not want or the wrong Service the User must contact The Universe of English through the appropriate refund request medium. The request will be reviewed at and rejected or accepted at the complete discretion of The Universe of English.

11.3 All payments may also be subject to local or state taxes or processing and handling fees. These additional fees will be present in your purchase total.

12.1 Service Costs, features, payment and refund procedure

12.2 Users may purchase Classes from The UoE in the form of a prepaid Membership, that’s either billable on a monthly basis or in the agreed instalment plan as per the Terms of the course or plan. Users can also purchase Classes in the form of Packages, with each Package purchased assigned a certain number of Classes and dependent upon which Package is purchased.

12.3 Where Users have subscribed to a Membership of any sort, the User makes the first payment of the Membership interval on the first instance that they purchase the Membership. Subsequent payments for the Membership are debited from the same credit card used to purchase the first charge of the User’s Membership and at the interval determined by the Plan.

12.4 Where a User has purchased Classes in the form of a Package, the User is assigned a number of Classes as per the Terms of the Package bought.

12.5 Regardless of the Plan purchased by the User, The UoE will assign all classes to the User’s schedule within 2 working days of receipt of payment from the User. Users can view their schedule of Classes in the User’s personal ‘My Classes’ area of our Platform. The dates and times of the assigned Classes are agreed between The UoE and the User during the Service procedure set out in Our Terms and Conditions.

12.6 User’s who wish to cancel their Membership must do so in writing by emailing Our Administration

12.7 Where a User has cancelled their Membership or no longer wants to use their allocated Classes, they can either use up the remaining hours of their Membership up to what they have prepaid for, or they can request a refund of any unused hours, less Our administration costs and costs equated to in clauses 20.2-20.3. If a student requests a refund for unused classes, they must do so in writing by emailing Our Administration, and the User will be refunded for the unused classes within 30 days of receipt of their notice to end their prepaid Membership or Package of Classes.

12.8 A User is subject to Our refund policy set out in clause 14.1.

13.1 Subscriptions & Trials

9.2 The Universe of English offers Subscription Services and Trial Classes. These Subscriptions offer access to Services and are billed on regular intervals which may be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, annually, bi-annually or however The Universe of English sees fit. Subscribers will be notified of what of both the premium and period at which they will be billed.

13.3 Free Trial Classes are forms of Our Services which incur no cost to the User – which will be apparent before registration. Users who receive a free Trial Class are subject to all of Our Terms of Service where applicable and regardless of the outcome after the Trial Class and whatever the circumstances, the User is not entitled to any refund of any kind whatsoever and agrees not to hold The UoE liable for any damages in the event of User dissatisfaction.

13.4 In the event of failed or fraudulent charges The Universe of English will remove access to any Services and reserves the right to block any future charges from your account or card number along with reporting any suspicious activities to the proper governing authorities stated in these Terms.

14.1 Refund Policy

14.2 Refunds of any sort are generally not given, regardless of the circumstances and reasons. The UoE reserves the right to offer or not to offer refunds entirely at its own discretion, regardless of circumstances.

15.1 Student lateness policy

15.2 Where a Student is going to be late for a class we request that Students make reasonable attempts to notify their Teacher and Our Administration, the scheduled Class will not be extended outside the scheduled end-time.

15.3 We remind all of our students that to fully complete a course and be awarded a certificate, their attendance must be satisfactory.

16.1 Student absence

16.2 If a Student knows that they will be absent from a class, it is highly recommended that they reschedule the class, which can be done up to 30 minutes before the class start time in the ‘My classes’ area of our Platform. If a Student decides they need to cancel a class and not reschedule, this is entirely at the discretion of the Student and does not grant the right to any form of monetary reimbursement or an additional class in the future from Us.

16.3 Where a Student decides to cancel a class and not reschedule, they must give at least 24-hours notice from the start time of the class to their Teacher and to Our Administration. Students are reminded that to fully complete a course and be awarded a certificate for their chosen course, their attendance must be satisfactory throughout the duration of the course.

16.4 Where a Student is absent from a Class and no reasonable attempts have been made to give prior notice to their Teacher and to Our Administration, Students are not entitled to a monetary reimbursement of the class and only in exceptional and mitigating circumstances, such as tech failure, an emergency or events out of their control, will the Student be offered to reschedule the missed class.

16.5 Unforeseen and mitigating circumstances deemed acceptable to allow a Student to reschedule a missed class include but are not limited to the following:

16.6 Medical emergencies
16.7 Family emergencies, personal or domestic circumstances, accidents and incidents

16.8 Each request to reschedule a missed class is looked at on a case-by-case basis and We reserve the right to request proof of exceptional and mitigating circumstances. Acceptable forms of proof include, but are not limited to the following:

16.9 Sick notes stamped and signed by a doctor
16.12 Deceased certificate from a medical professional or local registrar

16.10 It is at Our discretion to offer a class back if it was missed by the Student, with whatever reason, and is looked at on an individual, case-by-case basis.

17.1 Teacher cancellation with notice

17.2 If the class is cancelled by the Teacher for whatever reason, the Student will be offered to either take a class at the same or a similar time of the cancelled class with another available Teacher, or reschedule the cancelled class with their usual Teacher on a day and at a time in the future to suit them. Where another Teacher is not available, the Student must reschedule the class with their usual teacher at a future date and time.

18.1 Unforeseen and unexpected Teacher absence

18.2 We endeavour to make sure that our Classes run smoothly and that teachers are on time for Scheduled classes. Very occasionally a Teacher might be absent from a Class and at times there are unavoidable circumstances such as tech failure or an emergency, which could not have been prevented or reasonably foreseen or anticipated. In the event that a Teacher is absent from a Class and no prior notice was given to the Student, the Student is entitled to reschedule the Class at a date and time in the future that’s convenient for them, or do the Class at the same or at a similar day and time with another available Teacher. Where another Teacher is not available, the Student must reschedule the Class with their usual Teacher. Students are not entitled to a monetary refund of any kind in the event of such a situation.

19.1 Our right to terminate a service

19.2 Where a Student has repeatedly missed Classes over a set period, We reserve the right to not offer a missed Class back to the Student and in exceptional cases may terminate a Student’s membership or Classes with immediate effect and without warning to the Student. Any unused Classes which have been paid for in advance either as a Package or a Membership will be refunded monetarily back to the Student, less administration costs and any costs incurred to Us that we deem to be admissible.

20.1 The User’s right to cancel the Service

20.2 If at any time the Student decides they wish to stop receiving Classes from Us, they must do so by emailing Our Administration. Our Students are encouraged to complete any remaining Classes they have purchased in advance from a Package or a Membership. Where a Student requests a monetary reimbursement for unused Classes, these Classes will be refunded back to the Student, less our administration costs at 35% of the total value of the price per hour for all hours owed, and finally less the difference between the sum of all classes owed at a price per hour of of the pro-rata cost and the sum of all hours owed under the Membership Plan that was prepaid for.

20.3 Where a User has prepaid for a course in full or instalments, the User will receive back the sum of the classes owed, less administration costs of 50% of this value, then less the difference between the sum of all hours owed at a price per hour of the respective monthly Membership Plan and the sum of all hours owed under the course Plan that was prepaid for and, and then finally less the value remaining from the discount given at the time of purchase. The value of the discount remaining is calculated by dividing the value of the discount applied by the total number of hours of the course and then multiplying this value by the number of hours to be refunded.

21.1 Collection of User data

21.2 The UoE collects data from Users as per the Terms set out in Our Privacy Policy. The UoE also collects personal information from the User at the point of registration and stores it in Our online database for the purpose of Our internal Administration. The data collected from a User includes, but is not limited to:

  • First and last name
  • Full address
  • IP address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Skype I.D.
  • Academic records of Services conducted by The UoE


21.3 The UoE shall not disclose confidential information about Users’ academic records or pass on their personal data to third parties without prior and explicit consent from the User.

The UoE shall not be held liable for any instance where an outside entity or person obtains access to and/or obtains a User’s personal information and/or data as a result of breaches to Our databases, cyber attacks, hacking etc.

22.1 Expectations from student behavior and attitudes towards abuse

22.2 We remind our Students to make their best efforts to be on time for Classes, be respectful to our Teachers and respect our Teachers’ boundaries. Our Staff and Teachers do not tolerate any forms of abuse, bullying or harassment from Students. Where there are reported cases of misconduct from a Student or User directed towards any of our members of Staff, we will examine the case and carry out a thorough investigation. We reserve the right to terminate the Service for whatever reason and with immediate effect. In the event of such circumstances, We reserve our right to not refund any unused Classes.

22.3 If in the unfortunate event that a student is subject to abuse, bullying or harassment from one of our members of staff, they must inform us in writing and send it to Our Administration. We have a strict code of conduct for our Staff members and any reports of misconduct by a member of Staff will be investigated thoroughly by Us, and appropriate and necessary actions will be taken where applicable.

23.1 Zero-tolerance policy towards racism and sexual abuse

23.2 We have a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, sexual abuse or harassment, which applies to all Staff members and Students. Any reported cases of racial or sexual abuse, slurs or any form of racial or sexual misconduct is taken seriously, investigated and acted upon.

24.1 Governing Law

24.2 Our Terms of Service are governed by and construed in accordance with the both the local and national laws of The United Kingdom and You irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of its courts.

Foot notes

Date first published: 21/06/2020

Contact details:
The UoE has no physical address and all its Staff work remotely
Email: info@theuniverseofenglish.co.uk
Owner, CEO and director: Robert Hamburg